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Everest cast is extremely versatile and will play music regardless if you have set your playlist and scheduler up correctly or not. For the most part, Everest cast plays tracks at random, however using features like the scheduler, blocks and toggling a couple settings can deliver the exact mix of tracks your seeking for your listeners.

Event Scheduler
You should first have at least one playlist set up with tracks in it. To create a new event in Everest cast, click on Schedule in the left then the New event button on the right. 


To open the Blocks panel, in your Everest cast panel, click on Jingles on the left, then Blocks. To get started click on the Add new block button

In the example below, we instruct Everest cast to play a track from our playlist titled Hot New Music (which we created in the playlist section of Everest cast) at 30 min. after each hour of each day. 


This can be duplicated as many times as you like and used for both standard tracks and jingles. So for our example above, if we wanted to play more music from our "Hot New Tracks" playlist we could set up a few more of these blocks, the more per hour we create, the more music from the Hot New Tracks playlist would play. 

  • Preventing the same artist from replaying every X amount of tracks is an important step you can take to give your listeners a better mix learn more
  • Ensure you have the Restart Server option enabled under Everest cast settings which will automatically restart the server in case of emergency failure

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