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Shoutcast/Icecast Panel Comparison

Hired Hosting offers many of the top Shoutcast and Icecast control panels, all offering similar features such as seamless auto dj to live dj switching and advanced playlist scheduling.
The Shoutcast Panel Comparison Chart below will help you sort through the different options avaiable and choose a control panel to fit your skill level, budget and needs.

Compare All Shoutcast Panels
Unlimited Listeners
Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Sonic Panel
10 Listeners
10 Gb Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Everest Cast
50 Listeners
5 Gb Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Everest Panel
25 Listeners
25GB Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Centova Cast
10 Listeners
1 Gb Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Shoutcast 2.6.x
Icecast KH
Change Server Types
No Artist Repeat
Stream Transcoding
Talk Over Auto Dj
Youtube Downloader
Social Relays
Schedule Relays
Url Branding
(resellers) (resellers)
Automated Song Requests
Player Widget
Dj Manager
Unlimited Bandwidth
Instant Setup
Instant Upgrades/Downgrades
premium 24/7 Ticket Support
Order Order Order Order Order

What is a Everest? Everest is a new company that joined the online radio control panel market back in 2018. Everest cast was their first auto dj panel and quickly became one of Hired Hosting top seller.
A few years later the Everest VDO Panel was released followed by Everest Panel. Compare Everest Cast Pro Vs Everest Panel