Android Application Builder Service

Get a professional Android app built and published on Google Play for $129.95

Android Application Service Includes ...

  • Complete Service from Build to Publish on Google Play
  • Push Notifications Integrated (OneSignal)
  • Optional Ad Mob Ads Integrated
  • Website to Andriod, Radio or TV Networks
  • Optional In App Billing
  • Remote Config
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Android Application Building Service

Let the Hired Hosting Professionals build and publish your company or personal Android app complete with launcher icon design and push notifications to instantly get your message out to all our just one app user.

The all new Hired Hosting app building service removes 100% of the hassle involved with not only building the app but also the painful process of dealing with Google and the new rules which seem to be added by the day. If you own a website and have any type of statistics or analytics set up, you already know most of your traffic is on mobile devices. 

Live Demos in the Google Play Market

Below are some of our recent Android Google Play applications. All below Launcher Icons were also created by Hired Hosting and is included with all Android app builds.

Official Demo

Our latest app, My TV Studio is a free IPTV Android App with over 250 live tv stations from all over the world.

Don't have Android? No Problem! My TV Studio also works in any modern web browser

Official Demo
Police Ping
Police Ping

Police Ping was introduced to Google Play in Sept.2022 and allows USA users to monitor local police and sheriff activity. Police ping makes use of the device geo location and will update as the user moves.

Official Demo
Widgets Radio
Widgets Radio

This Radio Network app includes a backend page which would be hosted on your website or Google Drive and allows you to manage radios, users and includes a premium option (not in Widgets Radio Demo) with in app payments.

Official Demo
Hired Hosting
Hired Hosting

Our own Hired Hosting Android App is a perfect example of the Website to Android Conversion app type used for clients account and service management and support portal.

Official Demo
Skip Tracer USA
Skip Tracer USA

This app was developed in 2022 and uses the Website to Android Conversion app type. Skip Tracer USA is a people search and criminal checks app.

Most Wanted USA
Most Wanted USA

Most Wanted USA is a older app we did back around 2018 and is a Website to Android Conversion which uses a special page for the welcome/search screen.

complete criminal checks
Complete Criminal Checks on Google Play

A fully managed by the app builder and makes use of the page redirect option. This lets you enter any website url for any of the pages or tabs that you create.

Willie C Radio
DJ Willie C Radio on Google Play

The Dj Willie C Radio Android Application is a Single Radio Application R&B music for the Orlando based DJ Willie C.

Unlimited Criminal Checks
Unlimited Criminal Checks

Unlimited Criminal Checks is a Website to Android type of app used to search the USA for criminal offenders.

mega city radio app
Mega City Radio on Google Play

Check out Mega City Radio for the hottest hip hop in the south!

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Instantly send a message to one or all of your app users.

One Signal is a free service (up to 30K subscribers) which is embedded into the app. Messages are sent out using the One Signal portal and free account you'll need to create during app build.

Learn more about One Signal

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Admob Integration

Ad Mob is a pay per click advertising option by Google which automatically injects relevant ads into the app. When app users click on the ads, you get paid! Payments are sent directly to your bank account once you reach the $100 threshold.
Learn more about Ad Mob

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Google Ad Mob

In App Purchase

In App Purchase

Offer a Ad Free version for a cost.

Hired Hosting can include the Google Pay API in your app which allows your app to accept payments and automatically manage users free/premium status.

Learn more about in-app purchases in Google Play Help

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Important Faqs

The Google Play team must first approve your app which can sometimes cause delays. Rejections are common with modern app reviews, every app is different and contains unique coding libraries which must all be inspected by the Google Play team. The app category can also play a huge part in the review process. For example, news apps must provide a type of company history profile and include sources which can verified. Not all categories are as strict but we have found Google's terms can literally change overnight.  After submission, final approval can take up to 7-10 business days for standard apps.

Once app has been submitted to Google play, it can't be changed. During the design and build process, there is no limit as to how many sample packages we build and send you to test. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your app and will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  If however you do happen to change your mind after submission, we do charge a $25 fee per build. Rebuilds also include Google play re submission and can be done for a number of reasons such as color or language file changes. The apps internal versions must also be updated. The fee is in so it would be the same cost 5 years from now if you want any minor changes performed. 

A Google Play Developer Account is required at a one time cost of $25. This is good for life and allows for unlimited apps. Once created, you can allows us access so we can submit. You are of course welcome to take care of this yourself if you like, there are a couple sections you will have to complete on your own such as agreeing with the various terms and conditions. Submitting a app on Google Play is a good amount of work, optimizing images the sizes Google requires is the most complex part of the process, but not too bad.

The app building process will take a minimum of 1 week to complete, but chances are it can take a lot longer. It all depends on the type of app and the mood Google is in when we submit. The build process will only take a day or so. The first build will be a sample for the client and us to test and make changes as needed. There is no maximum amount of builds, we won't give up until we are both 100% satisfied and agree to continue to the next step which is submitting to the Google Play store. The type of app will be a big factor in how long it takes to get approved. For example, if you plan a new app, you must prove you are a valid news source and provide references. Radio apps on the other hand usually get approved quickly but still, 70% of apps are rejected the first time.

The Hired Hosting Android app building process is as easy as it gets! Hired Hosting can take any website and convert it into a fully functional application listed on the Google Play Market. We'll work one on one with you to build the perfect app at a very affordable price.

The app building process starts with basic information about your project such as app type and website Url which will use to build your app. Other app choices include radio or television stations and networks, in app purchases with Ad Mob ads and custom builds are also options.

How long does it take to have my app built?
  • Hired Hosting will be able to provide a sample APK package which you can install on your Android device to test in 2-3 days, however the final process which includes submission and final approval from Google between 7-10 business days.

    The entire app build process takes us several hours to not only build but also create a launcher icon and submit to Google Play which can be a lengthy process by itself and why it's included with all app builds.

What are the steps invloved with building and publishing an application.
  • 1. During the order process, you'll provide the basic information we need to get started on your Android app. Within a few days we'll send you a sample package which you can install on your Android device and we'll go from there.

    2. The developer assigned to your app will be in constant contact with you via a special support ticket we'll create and work one on one with you until you're 100% satisfied and we can move the the next step.

    3. Once the package is acceptable, we'll begin the submission process to the Google Play store. We'll need access to your Google Play Developers Account and complete most of the steps however as app owner there will be a few sections you'll need to complete such as agreeing a few terms and conditions only you can respond to.

Are there any other fees I must pay to publish?
  • Yes, you'll need your own Google Play Developer Account to publish your app(s). Google charges a one time fee of $25 which is good for life and unlimited apps. Once your Google Play Developers Account is set up you can share access to your new app so we can publich (optional)