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Hired Hosting Fully Managed Cloud and Dedicated Linux Servers

All Cloud / Dedicated Stream Servers include both unlimited listeners and bandwidth!

Fully Managed SSL (Secure Streaming) Custom Url Branding You Choose Panel Instant Server Provisioning Full Root Access
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Fully Managed Dedicated Cloud
Full root access + your choice of web, stream or VOIP panels
Dedicated Clouds are Upgradeable!

$30.00 /month
  • CPU
    Intel - 1 Cores
  • RAM
    2GB DDR
    1 x 40 GB NvMe
Intel Xeon E3 / 4x 2.40Ghz
Fully Dedicated Bare Metal Streaming Server

$79.00 /month
  • CPU
    4x 3.10Ghz 4 Cores
  • RAM
    24GB DDR3
    1 x 500GB SSD or NvMe
Intel Xeon E5 / 6x 3.10Ghz
Fully Dedicated Bare Metal Streaming Server

$149.00 /month
  • CPU
    4x 3.10Ghz 4 Cores
  • RAM
    32GB DDR3
    1 x 1TB SSD or NvMe
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Control Panel License Options

Below are just a few of the panels you can have installed on your dedicated cloud. Hired Hosting will also work with you one on one to not only assist in getting started but also linking with your shopping cart script or automation software.

Centova cast license

A Fully Managed Centova on the Cloud with Unlimited Accounts, Listeners and Bandwidth for $25/m extra includes installation and more.

Everest cast license

Get the powerful Everest cast on a Hired Hosting dedicated cloud with free installation. Unlimited Accounts, Listeners and Bandwidth for $20/m extra.

Everest panel license

Everst panel has the same pricing options as Everest cast but with a much simpler panel we can install on your dedicated cloud.

MSCP Pro license

Up to 30 accounts with Sam Broadcaster and Radio Boss UNRESTRICTED! Hired Hosting can install your MSCP Pro+ server Fast & Free!

Sonic Panel license

Talking over Auto DJ is a easy sell with Sonic Panel. Get Unlimited accounts for $20/m with included installation and unlimited accounts.

Media CP license

The first Shoutcast/Icecast panel on the internet comes installed for just $20/m

CWP free license

Host unlimited websites and reseller accounts with this new web hosting control panel with INSTALLED FREE WITH NO EXTRA MONTHLY COST

cpanel whm license

The the most popular (and expensive) web hosting panel in the world. Prices start at $40/m for 30 websites.

azuracast free license

The best open source Shoutcast/Icecast panel is yours with free with professional installation & unlimited accounts.

VDO Panel

Run your own TV Station! Includes players, Playlists Scheduler, Live and WebTV, Simulcasting Learn More


Deploy a Minecraft Server, most popular online game in the world! Works with countless automation programs to earn you money!


Using a dedicated server as strictly a database server has several advantages and can be a ideal solution for large MySQL or MariaDB's

Hired Hosting Managed Servers

All cloud and dedicated servers on the Hired Hosting Network are fully managed and include 24/7 live support

rebootAll cloud and dedicated servers include your choice of panels such as Sonic Panel, Everest Cast, Everest Panel, Media CP, cPanel/WHM and more. Your new server will be set up complete with all software, license and required configurations including a sample stream for testing and to ensure job was performed correctly and the server is operating within acceptable ranges

You Choose Panel - We Install

Panel installation is free and included with all dedicated cloud packages.

After your new server is set up, you can either install the software yourself or have a Hired Hosting certified technicial perform the installation (free and included). Your new cloud will be installed according to developer requirements and include full HTTPS (SSL) with a test stream set up and fully funtional.

Installation Instructions

Here you'll find most of the software developers requirements and installation instructions.

Choose from 20+ O/S

All Hired Hosting Dedicated Cloud packages include a full featured service manager where you can perform basic tasks like server reboots or to view CPU stats and usage

reboot Your dedicated server will also allow you to quickly format your cloud to any of the below o/s images. Switching to a new O/S simple and fast, most images are ready to use in just minutes.

Pre-Installed O/S Images List Spring 2023
AlmaLinux 8, AlmaLinux 9, Alpine 3.13, Alpine 3.14, Alpine 3.15, Alpine 3.16, Alpine 3.17, Arch Linux, CentOS 7, CentOS Stream 8, CentOS Stream 9, Debian 10, Debian 11, Fedora 35, Fedora 36, Fedora 37, Gentoo, Kali Linux, openSUSE Leap 15.3, openSUSE Leap 15.4, Rocky Linux 8, Rocky Linux 9, Slackware 14.2, Slackware 15.0, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Ubuntu 22.10

Custom Url Branding

All panels include 100% secure streaming. Certificate installation and renewal (if needed) is also part of the package and performed by a certified Hired Hosting expert.

Custom Url Branding is optional and highly recommended. Url will be tied to your own domain name by using either the A Record or CNAME method of DNS redirects. This method hides any mention of us and gives you a professional and custom listen link for your listeners and players. Better yet, as long as you remain the domain name owner, you can move your stream to any provider you like (although we hope you will always choose Hired Hosting). This method also helps us as the provider to always work hard to keep your business since you will no longer be tied and locked into our own Urls or IP addresses.

Hard Drives (HDD vs SSD)

Hired Hosting no longer offers or recommends using HDD (Hard Disk Drives) which have physical moving parts and a much higher failure rate vs Solid State Drives(SSD).

SSDs are 14 times as efficient compared to HDDs. The newer NvMe SSDs (New for 2023!) are even faster vs standard SSDs and are now offered as an option under server configuration section when placing an order for a Cloud or Dedicated Server

dns redundant

Included with All Cloud and Dedicated Servers

Hired Hosting doesn't nickel and dime you with addons or extras, most are already included free with any cloud or dedicated server purchase.

  • Control Panel
  • Bandwidth
  • SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited Everything
monitoring 24/7/365

You choose the control panel

If planning on earning income with stream or web hosting, it's important you choose a control panel your customers will like.

Choosing a control panel is easy with Hired Hosting Free Trials. Quickly set up a 3 day trial of any panel with no payment source required.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Hired Hosting offers free and unlimited premium bandwidth with fast 1 Gbps Ports.

All panels allow you to limit or offer unlimited resources to your own customers.

SSL Certificates

Free SSL

SSL is a must have in todays world! All Hired Hosting single stream, web hosting, resellers, cloud and dedicated services include free SSL and/or proxys.

If there's any insecure content on a secure webpage, Google Chrome, Firefox and most other browsers will display an error message at the top and refuse to play or stream any content that's insecure.


Unlimited Quotas

Cloud and Dedicated packages with Hired Hosting include unlimited listeners, bandwidth and accounts (depending on config).

Bare metal dedicated servers have physical drives and do not offer unlimited options. 500 GB of SSD storage can hold about 120,000 standard size mp3s.

Closeout Deals

Special Pre-Configured Server Deals

Take advantage of these servers deals with control panels already set up ready to go live now (depending on config choices)

Dedicated Servers Memory Storage Monthly Availability
Dedicated Cloud
E3-1220 v2 3.1GHz | 2 Cores | cPanel/WHM Unlimited Accounts License
4GB DDR3 100GB SSD $145.00 $125.00 Order
Bare Metal Dedicated
E3-1220 v2 3.1GHz | 4 Cores | Everest Panel ADMIN Unlimited Accounts License
32GB DDR3 1TB SSD $99.00 $77.00 Order
Bare Metal Dedicated
E3-1270 v5 3.8GHz | 4 Cores | Sonic Panel ADMIN Unlimited Accounts License
64GB DDR4 250GB SSD $109.00 $89.00 Order
Bare Metal Dedicated
E5-2620 v2 2.4GHz | 6 Cores | Media CP ADMIN Unlimited Accounts License
64GB DDR3 500GB SSD $129.00 $99.00 Order