How to set up You Tube Live with Everest cast Print

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You must have You Tube streaming enabled in your Everest cast panel in order to use this feature.
Important note! You Tube is very strict with copyrights and will automatically and very quickly flag any content their system detects as so (most all popular songs today)

  1. Goto the You Tube Live Streaming Dashboard and login.
  2. Once inside the You Tube Streaming Dashboard, goto the very bottom and look for the  Encoder Setup.
  3. Find the stream name/key and click the Reveal button to show the key.
  4. In your Everest cast panel on the main home page at the very bottom, find a stream you would like to use to go live with, choose edit and then click on the You tube tab
  5. Copy/paste the stream name/key from the Google Streaming dashboard to the You tube section under stream key.
you tube streaming

You can then enable/disable as you like.

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