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All of Hired Hostings Web & Stream Packages include Instant Setup

sonic panel
Talk Live Over Auto DJ
Sonic Panel lets you TALK DURING AUTO DJ!
$3.95 /month

Try before you buy with
Hired Hosting Sonic Panel Free Trials
    10GB Auto DJ
    UNLIMITED Transfer
    10 Listeners
    128kb/s Quality
everest cast
Powerful Auto Dj + Multi Server with No Artist Repeat
Dj Manager with On Air Widget

$7.50 /month

Try before you buy with
Hired Hosting Everest Cast Free Trials
    5GB Auto DJ
    UNLIMITED Transfer
    50 Listeners
    128kb/s Quality
tv station

Your OWN TV Station

$25 /month

Try before you buy with
Hired Hosting VDO Panel Free Trials
    25 GB Auto DJ
    UNLIMITED Transfer
    25 Viewers
    1152Kbs Quality

Hired Hosting Quality Web & Stream Hosting

All Hired Hosting online radio hosting packages include free SSL, unlimited bandwidth and option to "Go Live" by seamlessly fading from auto dj to live dj automatically. Many times listeners don't even realize the source change. When the DJ is finished with the live broadcast and disconnects from the live stream, auto dj will fade back in and continue until the next dj connects.

Load Balancing
[1] Live DJ
Begins live broadcast by connecting to the media server with special broadcasting software (ie Virtual DJ, Sam Broadcaster, Rocket Broadcaster (freeware) or many others both free and premium)
[2] Media Server / Auto DJ
The DJ stream is then sent to the SHOUTcast or Icecast server where it's encoded to the bitrate set by the host and optimized.
If no live broadcast, then server also acts as auto dj.
[3] Listeners
Connects directly to the media server using their preferred player which might be embedded in a browser or application for the listener to enjoy.
Shoutcast Icecast


Choose Shoutcast v1, v2.5, v2.6 and Icecast KH with a single click
(Everest cast, Media CP, Sonic Panel)

No Artist Repeat

No Artist Repeat

Set auto dj to not repeat the same artist every "X" tracks to deliver the perfect mix.
(Everest cast, Shoutcast Widgets)

Automated Song Requests

Request Widget

Embed the automated request widget on your website, listeners can request and send shout outs depending on your terms.
(Everest cast, Centova Cast)

Tune In Radio API

Tune In Radio API

Enter your set of Tune In Radio API keys to display the currently playing track in the Tune In Radio directory and players.
(Everest cast, Shoutcast Widgets)

Remote DJ

Unlimited Remote Djs

DJs automatically fade from auto dj to live seamlessly, DJ details and photo listed in now playing widgets
(All panels)

Web Based Uploader

Bulk MP3 Uploader

Quickly upload your songs to the auto dj with the web based bulk uploader or via your favorite FTP client
(All panels)

Hired Hosting F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Hired Hosting Free Trials Work?
  • Hired Hosting offers free trials for all the major panels including Sonic Panel, Media CP, Everest Cast, Everest Panel and cPanel Web Hosting.

    All free trials automatically terminate after 3 days unless upgraded to a paid package. Payment information is not required or even allowed for free trials.

Can I "Go Live" with Hired Hosting streaming panels?
  • All panels come pre installed with auto dj and the option to seamlessly switch to live using special DJ software with both free and premium software. Live streaming is not required as all of Hired Hosting streaming packages include auto dj.

    Sonic Panel allows the DJ to broadcast and talk live directly over auto dj. This unique feature removes the need to download and connect to software in order to talk.

How does Hired Hosting billing and payment system work? Are there any special contracts I must agree to?
  • Hired Hosting has the most liberal account and billing policies in the industry. All services are pre paid in advanced and have 7 day grace periods.

    There are no contracts at Hired Hosting.

    Hired Hosting will always grant extra time if a client requests, we absolutely do not need a reason just let us know when you would like to pay your invoice and we will be sure services stay up and running.

    Hired Hosting also suspends all account suspensions during the Christmas time holiday season, also for emergency events we can override suspensions in affected areas.
    We also always do our best to monitor daily automation and account suspensions to quickly get services back up if there was a invoice overlooked or forgotten.
    Hired Hosting does not charge any type of late fees. If an account is suspended and later pays, we'll adjust the next due date to give the client a full term.

Do you offer apps for my radio station?
  • Currently Hired Hosting offers Android app building.

    Hired Hosting also runs and manages the popular app Widgets Radio and welcomes new and updated submissions from anyone with a Shoutcast or Icecast stream.

    Android App Building
Do you offer free cPanel web hosting to resellers and dedicated server clients?