Media Server Control Panel (MSCP)

Sam Broadcaster Hosted

All plans include

  • Sam Broadcaster Auto DJ no software required
  • Realxx Auto Dj
  • Stream Recorder
  • DJ Manager
  • Website Widgets/Player
  • Stream Encoder
  • Browser Based FTP
  • Stereo Tool Broadcast Audio Processor
  • Geo Blocking
  • Custom Url Branding
features Features
mscp pro
Basic Broadcaster
$ 9.99 /month
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  • DISK
    25 GB
  • DATA
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    160 Kbps
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mscp pro
Ultimate Broadcaster
$ 39.99 /month
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  • DISK
    250 GB Space
  • DATA
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    UNLIMITED Listeners
    320 Kbps

Media Server Control Panel (MSCP)

The Professional DJ Choice

The Ultimate browser based online radio auto dj control panel is the professional DJs choice for a web based automated DJ panel. No other auto dj panel can deliver the stream quality and dependability that MSCP Pro+ can, from the included stereo tool and lossless compression support via FLAC to the MSCP Pro + "Over-guaranteed broadcasting" to ensure the music never stops streaming!

Auto DJ Types Included with MSCP

The Auto DJ runs on the server 24/7 and sends the data to the streaming server which is the platform your listeners connect to (Shoutcast, Icecast or Streamcast).

With MSCP you're not stuck with the same auto dj type (like other panels) and can easily switch over to any of the below included auto dj options instantly. MSCP PRO + also lets you run multiple auto djs at once. All MSCP Pro + packages from Hired Hosting include at least 2 auto djs.

Current MSCP Pro + Auto DJ types included with all MSCP Pro + packages

sam broadcaster
Sam Broadcaster

Give your online radio station the advantage of one of the most powerful auto djs in the industry. Sam Broadcaster was designed with the live DJ in mind and puts you in the studio seat with fast in stream plays of special sound effects, station ID or ads during song play not just between tracks. Slow down or increase the speed with the tempo level , change eq settings and play any track on demand.

Special Sam Broadcaster Starter Kit available with all MSCP packages including dj drops, station id's and pal scripts you can use to automate your playlists and give your listeners the professional sound they hear on the major AM/FM stations.


New for 2024!
The MIXXX DJ Panel is a popular free and open source DJ panel that puts the fun into your live DJ set by giving you the same special effects like echo & reverb the professionals use. MIXXX runs 24/7 just like any other auto dj, right in your browser!

radio boss
Radio Boss

The professional choice online radio broadcasters with cross fade, volume normalization, ad blocks, extended volume enhancement with a radio station UI designed for the advanced DJ.

Liquid Soap Auto Dj

A stripped down version of Sam designed to run on Linux, LiquidSoap is a auto dj type that allows you to create and schedule shows or events, set up station IDs to play every X amount of tracks, adjust the track fade and more.

relaxx auto dj
Relaxx Auto Dj

A new choice for your auto dj is the Relaxx Player. Like Sam and Radio Boss, Relaxx comes with a web panel to manage your media, create playlists and quickly find and play any track in your library.

MSCP Players & Widgets

Copy/Paste Widgets

MSCP Widgets make it easy to include HTML5 players and now playing data to your website.

All widgets come with ssl support (https) and can be customized to fit your current website colors and styles.

One of the included widgets is the famous Win Amp Player complete with working EQ, balance, volume and of course the dancing level leds

Make Request using the built in MSCP Request Page

Stereo Tool available in Media Server Control Panel

What are Stereo Tool and what can they do for my radio station? Stereo Tool is a type of software addon for MSCP Pro+ and can make your station sound better than ever with amazing audio quality.

stereo tools

Stereo Tool is used in 2500+ FM, AM and TV stations worldwide. Stereo Tool can process the audio into one of dozens of preset sounds such as Purity Control, GTX's Dubstep Party, Radio 87, Loud n Clear, FM Wave Ruler, AM Transmitter and many more.

Url Branding

Custom Url Branding

LISTEN.YOURSITE.COM MSCP makes it easy to create your own custom listen Url and install a SSL certificate

Url Branding not only gives your station a professional look, you'll never have to change your stream Url again and can move to other stream providers or panels without loosing a single dedicated listener.

Learn how to create a custom Url and SSL certificate in MSCP

Advanced Automation Technology

Using Sam Broadcaster as the auto dj gives you several advantages in delivering your online radio listeners the best sound possible. From built in gap killers that automatically trim the dead air from the start and end of your tracks to preventing the same artist or song from repeating over and over.

no artist repeat

No Limit Uploads

Easy Browser Based FTP Uploads

No More FTP Software! You can now upload any size file right in the browser. There are no FTP credentials provided because they are no longer needed!

All accounts are also provided with standard FTP in addition to the browser based.

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Stereo Tool

Included with our MSCP Pro + 100 or 250 packages, Stereo Tool will take your standard Shoutcast or Icecast stream, analyze and convert it to any one of the 250+ pre installed presets to boost bass and raise volume levels without distorting to make your stream loud & clear!

Software-based Audio Processor
Used by more than 3000 FM stations
Built-in microphone processor 250+ Presets
Loud and clean
Choice of multiple stereo widenersCustom Stereo Tool Key (optional)
Repairs clipped audio Software-based Audio Processor Declipper
Natural Dynamics Immersive Bass True Bass
All Specs

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What does Media Server Control Panel (MSCP) do the other's don't?

MSCP puts you in the DJ seat with more auto dj type choices, url branding and best of all, classic Sam Broadcaster at a fraction of the cost. MSCP also offers more listen formats including mp3, ogg, oggflac, aac, aac+, opus, webm, nsv
MSCP also includes Stereo Tool, a Audio Processor & Stream Transcoder with dozens of posiable format and bitrate output options.

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Media Server Control Panel F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay any extra or hidden fees to use Sam Broadcaster
  • No, all Media Server Control Panel packages include everything you need with all license fees already covered.

    MP3s are the only thing not provided with MSCP packages, you'll need to supply and upload your own (try Googling Youtube to MP3 converter)

    note depending on your broadcast location you may be required to pay royalties for the music you play, this is entirely up to you, we are not the police and do not share any customer data with anyone!

Can I try MSCP before I buy
  • Yes, Hired Hosting offers 100% free and easy trials. Payment information is not accepted!

    Try Media Server Control Panel Free

    Fast Hired Hosting Streaming Server

    All MSCP packages will be installed on a server specifically designed for streaming audio and running multiple process at once. In addition all MSCP packages include 10Gb upload ports for a even faster connection when uploading media and managing either Sam Broadcaster, Liquid Soap or Realxx Auto Dj . Drives are the latest NvMe SSD which are advertised as being up to 12x faster vs standard ssd.

    MSCP Demo Stream
    Using Sam Broadcaster as the auto dj which includes gap killer (removes dead air from start and end of tracks), advanced fade control,tempo (track speed) & no artist/track repeat settings will result in the perfect mix the other panels simply cannot accomplish. Also notice the fast and almost instant connection after clicking play (Fast Hired Hosting Network)

    All MSCP packages include native SSL and 100% secure streaming to prevent browser errors. open stream DNAS in new window

Does MSCP include a Stream Transcoder?
  • Yes, every MSCP Pro account comes with (1) extra stream encoder (open a ticket if you need more) which would allow you to stream using a different server type or format.

    Some of your listeners may live in parts of the world without high speed internet or could be on a limited data plan with their mobile cell phone provider. If you offer your listeners a choice of bit rates and/or formats, you'll open up your station to new listeners.

    With MSCP you can stream in mp3, aac, aac+, ogg or opus formats. Mp3 is the most common format and will work with just about any HTML5 audio player you can find. An 32Kbs AAC+ stream can produce the same quality as a 128Kbs MP3.

What type of server does the Media Server Control Panel use?
  • All packages allow you to choose Shoutcast v1, Shoutcastv2, Icecast, Icecast KH or Streamcast as the server and is easily changed in the server config section.

Can I still broadcast using my software?
  • Yes, all Media Server CP packages include support for Remote Djs with access to panel, auto dj, remote software and more.

What languages does Media Server CP come in?
  • Media Server CP comes pre installed with 7 Languages
    English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian

How am I able to switch DJ panels?
  • It's easy to swap out auto dj types in Media Server CP. Each package includes two (2) auto dj servers which you can pre set each with different types and config options to allow you to quickly switch if needed.